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Interactive map of integrations between flexible workspace software.

There's so many software solutions for running, managing and marketing flexible workspace. What integrates with what?

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A crowdsourced resource directory for individuals, businesses & communities.
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Report finds that, for 3rd year, less than 15% of remote workers use coworking spaces.
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Theseus’ Ship and the global coworking movement
Building a Coworking Listing Sync-er-er

Coworking space managers and marketers are spending way too much time updating a whole…

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To the 1000s in coworking who are about to be letΒ go.

We see you. We see your passion and how much you believe in the…

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5 years in,’s mission is still as audacious (and important) asΒ ever.

Today the little startup I conceptualised in Cyprus, launched from the UK and now…

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3 things to remember about coworking and the WeWork IPO

Over the last few weeks, I've been asked by a number of industry observers…

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Coworking Perks & Trends breakfast in London

I've been invited to host a relaxed morning breakfast with members of the London…

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My hopes (and fears) for implementing Hyperlocal Coworking Perks

It's undeniable that coworking spaces, and other multi-business communities, make a huge economic impact…

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