Interactive map of integrations between flexible workspace software.

There's so many software solutions for running, managing and marketing flexible workspace. What integrates with what?

Quick backstory.

Regardless of the size of your coworking or flexible workspace community, there’s at least a few software solutions that could help with managing operations, billing, connectivity,  inventory, community and/or marketing.

When picking software, most operators have to choose between an all-in-one solution or multiple products that connect together seamlessly. 

There are certainly pros and cons to both approaches, from costs to management to singular-points-of-failure to risks of vendor lock-in and accruing technical debt.

Whichever route you choose, you may want to keep an eye on the integrations available  between your preferred platform to a variety of different platforms, apps, services or systems that could assist in providing your customers, stakeholders or staff-members an exceptional experience everyday.

Through my work on, the BIG BODACIOUS LIST of flexible workspace software, and Syncaroo I began mapping out the integrations between as many platforms as possible, with the hopes that this information could become useful to both, workspace operators and platform developers.

If workspace operators can evaluate software solutions through a wider-lens, and see what auxiliary services, products and offerings they could leverage; they’d be able to make more informed decisions.

Better decisions could in-turn lead to less technical debt, a stronger overall membership offering, more efficient operating processes, it’s flexibility to react to changing economic conditions and thus improve the long-term sustainability of the community as a whole. 

As for platform developers, being able to browse the integration landscape means that they too can make more informed decisions. Clearer development roadmaps and tighter integrations will make it easier for decision makers to assess which platform is right for them, saving valuable resources for sales, development and support teams too.

Ok, Hector, what does the integration landscape currently look like?

Below is a rough, but interactive diagram generated from the current data available in the BIG BODACIOUS database. Grab your preferred platform, or service, and drag it around to see what it integrates with.

Over the next few days, I’ll be asking both listed and yet-to-be-listed flexible workspace platforms for updates on their integrations and making sure the data is current.

Whilst the data comes in, I’ll update the map¬†and add some more interactivity like links to the platforms, their social media channels and to any deals they might currently be offering.

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Full Disclosures:

As the graph and this post might illustrate, I believe in transparency, so here are my current affiliations with platforms in the integrations map.

I am a co-founder of Syncaroo, which keeps workspace listings in-sync automagically.
I am the founder of, the integrable business perks platform.

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