Testing a social layer for my coworking newsletter

Some thoughts on why I'm adding a social 'discussions' layer to ThisWeekInCoworking. What I'm hoping it can become and some challenges I may have to deal with.

ICYMI, I’ve been sending out almost weekly newsletters to a growing number of flex space industry leaders since July 2020.

In the last newsletter, I added a ‘social layer’. 

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

💡 The idea.

(or the answer to "Why Hector? WHY!?")

I love that so many people have been submitting coworking-related links from their businesses, neighborhoods, countries, or continents. 

I also love that so many people are sharing links from the newsletters on their social channels, often adding context, contradictions, insights, and more.

A big problem with these posts is that they are spread across platforms that not everybody can see, read, or engage with.

This means that great local knowledge, new viewpoints, and most importantly diverse voices are often lost (read: trapped) across social streams at the mercy of black box algorithms.

So my thinking is… what if we could discuss each week’s news in one place like we used to do in our weekly audio calls (omg remember Clubhouse!?) but this time it’s asynchronous, globally accessible, and comes with a powerful way for us to vote up/down the best discussions?

🥅 The goal.

(or the answer to "Ok... but then what Hector?")

If this does work…

If more and more community leaders do start sharing their insights and knowledge and what they agree/disagree with…

We all benefit.

We get deeper discussions. We get a wider range of opinions. We get to dig into tricky questions. We get to learn from each other.

🚫 The challenges.

(and how I'm thinking about addressing them)

So there are a few drawbacks to this approach, let’s break them down.

1. It’s another login. 

To be able to join the discussion, vote on comments, and earn badges (more on that soon) you’ll need another login. People already have too many accounts, so this may stop people from getting involved.

The plan: Get ‘login with LinkedIn’ activated so that it’s quicker for members of that platform to register and log back in. I do hope the conversations become valuable enough to warrant the extra login.

2. The reach.

A lot of the thought leaders I discussed this layer with had the same reservation: “Why post here when my audience is elsewhere?” 

The plan: Already implemented is a pretty sleek way to share a comment or entire thread to social media channels. So cross-sharing is possible for those who wish to publish thoughts in both places. This could also become a new niche community for building a personal brand within the coworking and adjacent industries.

The call to action.

(or how you can get involved)

This experiment comes down to how, if, where, and when all you inspiring industry leaders leverage this social layer. Or not.

If you’d like to share your thoughts or ideas, here’s the This Week In Coworking discussion thread.

(Or to share privately, ping me an email.)

But most of all, if you’re not subscribed, register for free This Week In Coworking emails here.

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