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Coworking Perks & Trends breakfast in London

I’ve been invited to host a relaxed morning breakfast with members of the London Coworking Assembly to chat about everything from coworking perks and trends to


The #1 coworktech question of 2018

“Should our coworking space use off-the-shelf software, no software or build our own?” I get asked this question weekly, sometimes even more often than that.  

Personal Development

Did you also forget about you?

Raise your hand if you’ve been so busy working on your business, coworking space, career and/or family that you’ve completely forgotten about your own personal


FreelancersWhoCowork.com the launch plan.

Those who know me, know I have a firm belief that entrepreneurship is an insanely powerful socioeconomic catalyst for empowering and activating entire communities. It’s

5 years ago our whole economy imploded.

It taught me a few things about building resilient B2B businesses. In March 2013 the economy of Cyprus imploded, wiping out 1000s of businesses; drastically changing

Personal Development

Stepping up, and over imposter syndrome.

After 3 years, I gave my first ever talk at a coworking conference. I was so nervous leading up to my session. I kept fighting

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