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👋 I'm a Workspace Technologist & doer of a few geeky things.

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The most asked question about corporates, coronavirus & coworking.

I've been asked a lot of questions over the last few weeks. But one keeps coming up from operators around the world.

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From a call to a proptech beta in 6 months. Cofounded, built and launched remotely.

A few things learned about remotely discussing, building and launching tech for the workspace sector - whilst almost everything was at a standstill.

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Prediction: Two big shifts coming to flex workspace booking.

Two trends I've spotted regarding changes to who & how flex space bookings will be made.

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Interactive map of integrations between flexible workspace software.

There's so many software solutions for running, managing and marketing flexible workspace. What integrates with what?

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A crowdsourced resource directory for individuals, businesses & communities.
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Report finds that, for 3rd year, less than 15% of remote workers use coworking spaces.
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