Hey, I'm Hector.

👋 I'm a Workspace Technologist & doer of a few geeky things.

Hey, I'm Hector 👋

I’m a workspace technologist – which just means I get to work with a tonne of awesome people and tech that support, run, market and enrich hundreds of business communities and workspaces around the world.

I currently lead included.co and syncaroo.com, and curate This Week In Coworking, the ProptechUpdate, the Integrations Map and the Big Bodacious List of coworking software.

In my blog and email updates I share my thoughts, observations and spotted trends regarding workspace, technology & entrepreneurship.

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Recently Shared Thoughts, Insights & Trends

10 coworking software companies in my kitchen.

New #ProptechUpdate Q3 2020 video shares quick updates from 10 coworking tech companies.

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First came software, then came integrations, next comes automations.

Whilst software built upon the foundations, and integrations allows things to talk... it's automation that will make them all sing.

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Coworking Day 2020 is all about you.

August 9th 2020 is the 15th International Coworking Day. To celebrate we're looking to share coworking faces, voices and stories from around the world. This is why you should get involved.

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The most asked question about corporates, coronavirus & coworking.

I've been asked a lot of questions over the last few weeks. But one keeps coming up from operators around the world.

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From a call to a proptech beta in 6 months. Cofounded, built and launched remotely.

A few things learned about remotely discussing, building and launching tech for the workspace sector - whilst almost everything was at a standstill.

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Prediction: Two big shifts coming to flex workspace booking.

Two trends I've spotted regarding changes to who & how flex space bookings will be made.

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