Hey, I'm Hector.

I ❤️ turning thoughts into things.

Hey, I'm Hector 👋

I’m a workspace technologist – which just means I get to work with a tonne of awesome people and tech that support, run, market and enrich hundreds of business communities and workspaces around the world.

I currently lead included.co and syncaroo.com, and curate This Week In Coworking, the ProptechUpdate, the Integrations Map and the Big Bodacious List of coworking software.

In my blog and email updates I share my thoughts, observations and spotted trends regarding workspace, technology & entrepreneurship.

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Recently Shared Thoughts, Insights & Trends

We cannot reimagine the office without rethinking caregiver support.
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New guidelines from Google My Business for coworking spaces.

Google recently added a new line to their Google My Business (GMB) guidelines, which will affect how many members of coworking spaces can list their businesses.

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So you’re thinking of starting a local coworking alliance?

A primer for anyone thinking about setting up a local coworking alliance, assembly, federation or cooperative.

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An idea to get more people to try out flex workspaces.

The Syncaroo team is launching GiftWorkspace.com to help loved ones, friends, colleagues and managers to gift local workspace access.

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10 coworking software companies in my kitchen.

New #ProptechUpdate Q3 2020 video shares quick updates from 10 coworking tech companies.

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First came software, then came integrations, next comes automations.

Whilst software built upon the foundations, and integrations allows things to talk... it's automation that will make them all sing.

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