Thoughts on the 2024 Summit topic: Collective Ownership

This Summit's topic covers a wide range of collective ownership ideas, but I'm personally looking forward to diving into one specific area.

On March 6th, we will once again be producing the annual Coworking Alliance Summit.

These Summits bring together coworking alliances, community leaders, collaborative organizations, and industry professionals from around the world.

The topic for this year’s 3-hour participatory online event is Collective Ownership.

As always, speakers will set the stage for collaborative breakout sessions, while Summit attendees co-create the agenda.

I wanted to take a few moments to share why I believe this is not only an important topic for these groups to explore together, but why RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to do so. 

So first, what exactly do we mean by ‘collective ownership‘?

Ashley summarized it nicely in her own announcement, saying:

We are exploring everything from community land trusts and member co-operatives, to coworking alliances and our collective ownership of the narrative about the coworking movement. We will discuss the ways in which we are successfully collaborating, and the ways we might begin to collaborate to have more meaningful impact in our spaces, and within our respective communities.

When it comes to land trusts, member coops, and alliances I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible from the industry leaders who are joining to share from across their vast experiences.

But, when it comes to collective ownership of the narrative around coworking…

Oh my. That’s where I’m most looking forward to sharing and comparing notes with thought leaders from across coworking and its adjacent industries.

From my notes (yeah I’m already making notes, I’m a geek, so what!?) I’m excited to dig into:

  • Taxonomies (or you know, ‘What is coworking’ or ‘Is that flex space, spec suites, or coworking?’)
  • Improving coworking storytelling on local, national, and global levels.
  • Collectively banishing that damn hyphen.
  • How alliances can scale up their narrative-building activities.
  • Examples of superb storytelling, or when/why things went wrong in others.

There has never been more interest, misunderstanding, spending, and confusion in and around coworking than right now. 

So if there ever was a time to collectively own how coworking is promoted, discussed, celebrated, debated, and sold – This. Is. It.

So if any of those seem interesting, and you’d love to share or learn from others across these and other topics, join us on March 6th at 12PM EST. 

Oh yeah, thanks to the support of some awesome brands, members of ANY coworking alliance on the planet can participate in the 2024 Summit for FREE. 

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