Why we just released a… button.

The important reason that our latest piece of tech for busy flex workspace operators is.... well... a BUTTON. 👇

Look around, at the ads you’re being served. The emails you’re always receiving. Or even the calls you’re getting again and again.

There are soooo many flex workspace platforms & solutions.

There is an ever-growing list of new booking apps & aggregators.

But YOU still have so little time.

Way too little time to explore every possible opportunity.

After all, you’ve got a business to run AND a community to grow & hold space for.

So to understand why we invested so heavily in releasing ‘a button’, let’s take a quick look at the other two workflows Syncaroo already helps busy flex space operators to automate.

📝 Keeping listings & pricing up to date.

First, we built inventory syncing to keep descriptions, pricing, and availability on listings auto-updated.

🎟 Centralizing booking data & intelligence.

Then we introduced booking syncing to automatically avoid collisions and double-bookings whilst also building up a trove of business intelligence data within your own workspace management systems.

With robust two-way syncing in place for existing workspace listings and systems, the whole registration and profile creation process had to be next to be streamlined. Right?!

🖱 And so, we built a game-changing sign-up button.

Allowing operators to quickly assess, and clearly understand the possible reach and fees/terms/clientele – and then, if happy, auto-populate profiles with form-less registrations, transforming a process that could sometimes span 2-3 days into just a few clicks.

👉 Learn more at https://syncaroo.com/button

This week, we’re announcing the first global platform that has integrated this button and widening our beta phase so that more busy operators can save time, boost reach, and grow revenues through the Syncaroo-integrated ecosystem.

So keep an eye (or two) out for those.


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