Why being listed as an emerging tech hub is NOT enough, Cyprus.

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If you are involved with the Cypriot startup ecosystem, or know anyone who is, you’ve probably seen the link from TNW called “Why you should pay attention to these 8 emerging tech hubs“. And it’s being shared like wild-fire and we even shared it too.

But what we need to realise is that whilst it’s all fine and good being listed in this list (by TransferWise originally btw, thanks for that guys!) it’s not enough and this is why…

The other day we saw that a company in Cyprus can exit at close to $1bn, and in the past some our Hackathons have been spotlighted in the international press, and now people are evidently watching… but what are we doing with it?

We need to get our heads down and build scalable businesses learning from the examples around us, knowing that it can be done and that the talent pool evidently does exist. Now is the best time to build something bigger and better than you ever dreamed of.

In the famous words of Bruce Lee:

To Know is Not Enough, We Must Apply. Willing is Not Enough, We Must Do

So no Cyprus, being listed as a top emerging tech hub is not enough. We, both you and I, know we have more to give! So let’s give it!

Keep the passion!

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