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It’s a Friday night, and many of my friends and colleagues are probably out having a drink, a frappe or a meal somewhere. But many many many people simply cannot afford to.

The recent financial turmoil across Europe has affected millions of families. Students are also arriving back to their hometowns, in what can only be explained as an insane job market.

I cannot, unfortunately, create all of the jobs needed on my own, (although I am trying my best to help entrepreneurs grow strong enough to be able to hire sooner) so I had to approach it differently.

The first part of joining the job market is having a great CV, but maintaining one is hard and getting it read is often harder. So I’ve decided that, we’ll give away a year access to seevi to as many people as we can.

I’m hoping it helps you get noticed, and if you aren’t job-seeking, I hope it helps any friends or family of yours that may be.

To get started simply head over to

If you hit any bugs or have any ideas or complaints please feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Facebook.

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