Coworking Perks & Trends breakfast in London

I’ve been invited to host a relaxed morning breakfast with members of the London Coworking Assembly to chat about everything from coworking perks and trends to software, and anything in between.

I’m excited to be back in London and to be able to discuss and share insights and lessons learned over 2 years of growing included across North America (and across 60+ countries).

I’m very interested in hearing about how coworking is evolving (and the challenges if faces) in the city where became a global platform from. I’ll also take any questions about how and why we share buying-power, offer hyperlocal perks, and all the other ways we’re supporting 500+ coworking communities.

The breakfast will take place at Mainyard Studios Tower Hamlets in Mile End and between 08:30 and 10:00 on Wed 21st August 2019.

London Coworking Assembly is the local chapter of the European Coworking Assembly and is an online community (with many in-real-life events like this one) which is coordinated by the very-awesome Bernie Mitchell for the operators and supporters of coworking in and near London, UK.

You can RSVP (and join the London Coworking Assembly) for free here. (RSVPs are required) 

If you can’t make it that time, but would love to connect in London, do ping me an email and lets try squeeze in another ☕️.

Cover Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

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