Coworking Day 2020 is all about you.

August 9th 2020 is the 15th International Coworking Day. To celebrate we're looking to share coworking faces, voices and stories from around the world. This is why you should get involved.

2020 is (and has been) many many things to almost every person around the world.

The year, and it’s challenges have been uprecedented. They’ve caused pain, suffering, losses, and struggles. They have also caused reawakenings, uprisings, revolotuions and rehabilitation.

🗓 2020 & Coworking

2020 is also presenting a few unprecedented changes for coworking spaces and the movement around the world. 

  • Never before has so much focus been put on re-imagining what the workplace, workday and work (in itself) looks and feels like.
  • What it looks like to be ‘successful’ in coworking also got tremendously shook up this year.
  • 2020 will also be the 15th year that International Coworking Day will be celebrated (albeit more physically-distanced than ever before).

All of these mean that operators, managers, members and supporters of great coworking spaces have a remarkable opportunity to share what coworking really means to them and their businesses, families and neighborhoods. 

And so I reached out to the amazing folks at Open Coworking (the non-profit behind and it’s other platforms) to see what we could do to capitalize on this opportunity for the whole movement.

💡 The idea.

We landed on an idea that is easy enough to get involved with in just minutes, but can still show the global reach of coworking, and how it has affected humans and their communities all around the world.

We prepared 4 questions and some quick step-by-step instructions for you to get involved.

Register here, then pick one question (or more) and record an intro and your answer, and then drop it into the shared folder by the 5th of August 2020.

We’ll then compile a series of videos showcasing these stories, faces and voices with the first being released on August 9th, in celebration of International Coworking Day.

🖖 Why you should get involved.

Got questions, suggestions, feedback? Leave a comment below, join the discussion over on the Coworking Forum, or ping me on twitter (almost) any time. 

And please feel free to translate and openly share this campaign with your coworking friends around the world.

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