Building a Coworking Listing Sync-er-er


Coworking space managers and marketers are spending way too much time updating a whole list of different listing sites.

If you’ve been following my work over the last few years, you’ll know that I love building tech that breaks operational bottlenecks, improves community sustainability and/or diverts more resources back into supporting local entrepreneurship.

If we haven’t met yet, hey I’m Hector, and you can learn more about my coworking story here, or see my timeline of talks, projects and other mentions in the press here.

And so, after hearing this complaint time and time again from the folks running some amazing spaces around the world, it was only a matter of time before I looked at how the whole ‘listing our space everywhere’ thing could be streamlined.

I’ve begun designing and planning a workspace listing syncing ‘thing’ that would take in data from a single point of truth (most probably your coworking space management system) and sync it to as many listing platforms as possible, automagically.

And this is where I turn to you for help.

If you like the idea, let me know below how you’d like the platform to work for you, your team and your business. If you hate the idea, have some other ideas, would like to sponsor development, would like to collaborate on this, or just want to chat about what cheese goes best with watermelon, do let me know too.

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