Supporting Coworking

How I finally 'got' coworking.

During an unprecedented European bank bail-in, I found myself converting recently-vacated offices into makeshift workspaces for the creative and suddenly-unemployed people around me.

Right in the middle of an economic collapse, I finally ‘got it’. I had seen the true impact coworking could and would have on the future of work.

I was inspired, hooked and about to go all-in! Communities like these needed to exist and thrive all over the planet.

October 1st 2014

I launched to connect & support coworking communities around the world.

Over the last few years, I’ve pretty much gone all-in on supporting these workspaces, the inspiring humans that run them and the amazing communities within them.

A few ways I’ve loved getting involved with sustainability of the global coworking community.

Promoting Coworking

Giving talks to young businesses on the emotional benefits of sharing workspaces.

Sharing Insights

Sharing observations on how shared workspaces affects how businesses grow worldwide.

Raising Awareness

Making noise about how and why governments should support coworking spaces.

Advisory Support

Advised an £8M coworking project in the UK regarding their launch and differentiation strategy.

Talks for Operators

Spoke at Coworking Europe 2017 about the value of Member Benefits for coworking communities.

Launched Spaces

Launched & ran coworking spaces and communities in Cyprus and the United Kingdom.