An idea for Cyprus that’s soooo crazy it might just work…

I spent the whole of the weekend that just passed live blogging from hack{cyprus} and sleeping in the back seat of a car whilst plugging things together for the next step of Desk&Co offering to entrepreneurs in Cyprus.

But on one of the several trips to or from Nicosia over the weekend, I drove past an army base, where a soldier stood at attention, and I had a thought…

What if, in some amazing swift move, we could organise engineering challenges and workshops for our young men (and women) serving their mandatory term in the National Guard?

Could we inspire, activate and rejuvenate the most useless waste of time for almost every soldier’s life? Would they be interested? Would we, as an island, be able to launch new initiatives instead of having individuals, in the prime of their lives, watch goats from a raised platform?

I’m not sure about everyone else, but several of the projects I launched, were scribbled in a little notepad I had in my pocket during my military services. What if they gave me the ability to work with other to build technology whilst I was in there?

This may just be a random rant, but I think there may be a valid point in there somewhere. Maybe. I’m still sweating red bull and coffee after a long weekend of hacking/blogging/learning and networking besides a bunch of brilliant individuals.

Edit: I am aware there may be spelling errors, typos, grammatical balls-ups, and I do apologise. That’s what happens when you type and send out a thought instead of writing it down.

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