Do not call first post “hello world”. There, much better!

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4c25dd54cd04c0e6f7a94ae8d4647288Hey there. Let me first start by introducing myself, what I do, and what this blog’s purpose is.

My name’s Hector Kolonas, and I’m one of those 20-something-year-old entrepreneurs you keep hearing about. Born and brought up in South Africa, graduated from high-school and completed military service in Cyprus before completing a BSc in Computing with Business and Management in Manchester. With (Hons), if that’s important.

Business wise, I’ve always found myself drawn to online tech. I first began playing with the HTML source of (yes, I can’t believe I played it either) to try and figure out how it worked, and how I could get more NeoPoints *facepalm*. This eventually lead to my first ‘client’ project going live in 2002, at a respectable age of 14 and 7 and a half months. And yes,ย I know it looks all ‘year-2000-y‘, but that was a design choice, ok?! Well kinda…

A modest beginning some may say, if they hadn’t known about my first ‘business’, at a the age of 6.

But I digress, that’s a story for another blog post, one with a bit more of a lesson to it. And that’s the point of this blog, for me to share the thoughts, ideas and lessons I have (or will/should have) learned as I paddle through life as an entrepreneur.

Keep the passion,


Hey, I'm Hector ๐Ÿ‘‹

I’m a workspace technologist – which just means I get to work with a tonne of awesome people and tech that support, run, market and enrich hundreds of business communities and workspaces around the world.ย 

I currently leadย included.coย andย, and curateย This Week In Coworking, theย ProptechUpdate, theย Integrations Mapย and theย Big Bodacious Listย of coworking software.ย Learn more about me and my work here.

In my blog and email updates I share my thoughts, observations and spotted trends regarding workspace, technology & entrepreneurship.ย 

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