I just sent my 100th coworking summary.

2 years, 100 industry summaries, 1,931 links shared. How's TWIC going?

Last year in week 30, I shared some thoughts after the first year of sending out (almost) weekly summaries of all the coworking articles, tech updates, market moves, and celebrations a lot of busy operators were missing.

I’d def take a look at that if you’d like to dig into the motivations behind my ThisWeekInCoworking newsletter.

Given that I just published the 100th summary, and it’s week 30, let’s dive back in with another update.

This year I’m going to look at things a little differently, focussing on three of the most frequent questions I get from acquaintances, colleagues and loved ones.

Namely, I’ll start with why I’ll be carrying on with TWIC, what the stats look like, and who supported TWIC this year.

Why I'd like to keep sending out TWIC.

For those following my year, I’ve had a busy one, both personally and over at work.

And so, I often get asked if I’ll keep on sending out these newsletters, and if so… erm… why?

I’ll start with the second question first, because well, Simon (Sinek) says so.

Looking at the 1,931 links summarized and delivered to inboxes around the world, we (TWIC readers) have been able to predict some of the biggest moves and trends in the industry, long before the news officially broke. Moves made by IWG, Instant, WeWork, Industrious, several governments, and a whole range of proptech companies were hinted at weeks (if not months) earlier to those following the trends in these newsletters.

And to be honest, I’m probably the biggest consumer of these trends and predictions, as they could help me guide our team and partners at Syncaroo through the choppy waters ahead. And so I’ll do my very best to keep curating and sending these out, giving decision-makers access to early warnings and opportunities that can help them grow or defend their businesses.

How'd TWIC do in year 2?

Subscribers in w30/2021
Subscribers in w30/2022
0 %
Growth in Subscribers
0 %
Average Open Rate

What about sustainability?

I do get a huge value out of the content I curate as mentioned before. I also benefit from the strong network forming around TWIC, from leaders of local and independent flex communities to executives at many of the largest brands in the industry, to leaders of the most innovative proptech solutions.

But, as with all ventures, time and efficient operations have a cost. Both in time and cash. 

And so in November 2021, I started accepting a single sponsor per newsletter to help with covering these overheads and to improve sustainability. 

I’ve been grateful for the direct support from all these amazing sponsors: (in order of their first appearance as headline sponsors) The Coworking Alliance Summit, The Coworking Trends Survey, Upflex, The Lab, DeskNow, SyncarooCORTPackageXNexudus‘ Insights, included WordPress ExpertsPilotoMail, GWA’s IMMERSIVE 2022 event and Flow.

So what's next?

Hopefully another 52-ish summaries between now and week 30, 2023.

A few subscribers have reached out for a paid tier that digs more into the trends between the news, links, and summaries. So if there’s demand there, I may explore that to help with sustainability and bring in more help behind the scenes on the TWIC project.

Got ideas? Want to support or sponsor a newsletter or two? Let me know via email.

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