To the 1000s in coworking who are about to be let go.


We see you.

We see your passion and how much you believe in the impact that collaborative work communities can make in your neighbourhoods.

Understandably, your morale and belief might be taking a hit right now. You might feel that you’re alone, with nowhere to turn, or unable to see any way to stay involved in coworking.

This is untrue, there are 1000s of communities who want to help.

Around the world, there are 20,000+ other coworking communities, both big and small, who would love to give you a reason to believe, and make an impact, again.

I know this is true. As founder of I often follow or get involved with discussions within regional coworking alliances, with 500+ coworking spaces, and with 100s more community operators via various online forums, groups, and platforms.

These communities are actively discussing how they can help you, but they can’t find you.

So we’d like to connect any of you who would like to stay working within coworking, with some inspiring communities.

Pop over to today to browse for vacancies in coworking communities near you, or upload your own resume and have interested and inspiring spaces reach out to you.

Disclaimer: is free-forever, as global a community-enabling project by - the perks platform for multi-business communities.

Background info and sources about the possible lay-offs here and here.

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