Defendable businesses solve tough challenges.

I ❤️ helping great businesses build moats and create customer value.

Hey! I’m Hector

Over my career, so far, I’ve consulted CEOs/CMOs and their advertising agencies. I’ve also built digital products and launched addictive online games. I’ve helped coordinate, plan or run marketing and market-entry campaigns. I’ve even launched and grown my own worldwide companies.

With so many titles being thrown around, and their various connotations, I think it’s best to focus on the true value one bring to the table.

Boiled down to the purest essence of what I do, I truly love solving tough challenges. From the strategies for entering a new market, to developing new products or services, to even implementing digital automation to launch and scale faster.

My clients don’t think of me as just a web developer, entrepreneur, startup founder or consultant.

To them, I’m their secret weapon.

Helping them to solve their tough challenges behind the scenes.

Faster Launches

Since I was 14 I’ve been launching ‘things’ online. By the time I was 16 I developed a ‘launch toolset’ that allowed me to launch new ideas into Minimal Viable Products within days.

Over the last decade this toolset has been refined to allow me to launch usable experiments faster and more cost effectively.

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Entering New Markets

Launching products or services into new markets is always a challenge.

Over the last decade I’ve helped companies, startups, freelancers and brands launch into new markets, whilst simultaneously protecting their budgets.

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Ideation & Strategy

Due to my love to supporting entrepreneurs, I’ve worked hard to get connected to communities in 40+ countries.

This gives me access to a trove of insights, knowledge and allows me to help spot trends very early on.

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I’d ❤️ to hear about what you’re working on, and see where I can help.