Turn Your Experience into Digital Products.

1-on-1 Calls

Let's Build Products That Get You Paid.

Who This Is For

  • As a consultant or freelancer, you'll often find yourself trading money for your time and experience.

    The problem is that whenever you take a vacation, get sick, or... you know... sleep, you stop earning money.

    This 12 session program is designed to help you design, build and distribute unique digital products that can generate you additional revenue.

Full Program

  • 12x 1-on-1 sessions $2,400

    During these 12x 30min calls, we'll run through fundamentals, brand review, planning, product prep, support plans, launching, selling, bundling, distribution, expanding, marketing, distributing, and more.

A la carte

Pick Your 30min 1-on-1 Sessions

Start Selling

  • 1. Fundamentals & Overview $250

    What do you own, what do you want to achieve, and from/with/via who?

  • 2. brand review & planning $250

    Who do your customers think you are? What should they know?

  • 3. Preparing Your First Product $250

    What can you build that creates 10x more value than the selling price?

  • 4. Support Plans $250

    How will you handle support, pre-sale questions and complaints?

  • 5. Product Soft-launch $250

    How many of your existing network actually pay, and how many don't?

  • 6. Widening the net $250

    How can we start reaching outside your circle and begin selling to strangers?

  • Start Selling Bundle $1,125

    All 6 Start Selling sessions.

Enhanced Selling

  • 7. Secondary products $250

    What products can we start working on to serve new clients or needs?

  • 8. Sales Optimization $250

    How can we increase sales & revenue from your first batch of products?

  • 9. Evergreen Magnets $250

    What can we design or create to attract new customers every month?

  • 10. Partnerships & Distribution $250

    Who could benefit from promoting your products?

  • 11. Customer Communities $250

    Are there any efficiencies in running communities in your sector?

  • 12. Open Strategy Session $250

    A 30 min session to discuss lessons, questions and strategies.

  • enhanced selling bundle $1,125

    All 6 Enhanced Selling sessions.


Let's get selling!