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Those who know me, know I have a firm belief that entrepreneurship is an insanely powerful socioeconomic catalyst for empowering and activating entire communities.

It’s a belief that’s not only translated into my business’s mission of continuously making sure that entrepreneurship is as accessible through impactful communities across the globe. But the belief also helps explain why I launch, collaborate with and support so many of the projects that I do.

Because it’s a bit of long-read, I’ve included a snappier short version below, but if you are a freelancer or want to support freelancers who cowork, please do read the long version for a bit more info on my motivations and reasonings.

The short version:

Freelancers are awesome, inspiring, and a huge part of the coworking economy. I’ve launched Freelancers Who Cowork to shine a spotlight on them.

Those same coworking freelancers then get to vote on what they’d like the platform to become in the future.

Personally, I’d like for it to be a platform that connects freelancers around the coworking world, fights loneliness, and provides a level of helpful resource for dealing with the stresses of being self employed.

But it’s up to you, freelancers who cowork, to define what it becomes.

The long version:

The long version was moved to the more ‘corporate’ blog, because… well… it’s long.

You can read it here.

Looking to support Freelancers Who Cowork?

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