My Story

From as far back as I can remember…

I’ve always found myself solving problems, and most importantly enjoying it, ever since the very first grade.

Back then I would draw Mother’s Day cards for kids who hadn’t learned to write yet.

The fact they paid in sweets, definitely made it even more rewarding.

Everything changed when I was 13 and discovered that you could ‘view the source’ of any website.

I was hooked from the very first ‘altered’ index.html file I opened.

A few months later I’d masquerade as an experienced PHP developer on help forums, running off to work out solutions for people’s questions before returning to share the solution.

Pretending that I knew the answer all along. Obviously.

Since then I’ve built, launched or marketed 500+ online projects, campaigns & sites.

These days you can find me building; developing bespoke WordPress sites & plugins; or helping passionate teams with their business development strategy.

Got an interesting project? Let’s chat about working together.