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5 years ago our whole economy imploded.

It taught me a few things about building resilient B2B businesses. In March 2013 the economy of Cyprus imploded, wiping out 1000s of businesses; drastically changing

Lessons Learned

9 years ago today

As I sit and work through my emails on a train towards London from Manchester, an email catches my attention. An email from my domain

Lessons Learned

Making space for entrepreneurs in Cyprus

In Cyprus, we’re about to witness the Frozen Yoghurtization of Coworking Spaces. Some of you may even be in different phases of setting up your

Lessons Learned

What I learned from: Walking down a street in Cyprus

Cyprus is a miraculous place, the birth-place and childhood-playground of many multi-millionaires and hand-full of billionaires, all around the world. However something has changed lately (probably in

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